Skill Sets

  • Operating Systems :
    Linux, Free BSD, Windows 9x, XP, NT/2000 Server
  • Databases :
    MS-SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Web Server :
    RedHat Secure, Apache, IIS, Web Sphere
  • Web Development :
    XHTML, HTML, DHTML, Dreamweaver UltraDev, Visual
    Interdev, Drumbeat, Mojo, MS-Frontpage, JavaScript, Jscript, VBscript, XML, XSL
  • UI Designing :
    Photoshop, Image Ready, CorelDraw, Flash and Anipro for 2Danimation
  • CGI/PERL :
    Mod_Perl and CGI/Perl, ActivePerl, ePerl
  • Server Side Scripting : ASP, PHP 3.x/4.x/5.x
  • SEO Services : SEO Packages
    Google, Yahoo, Top 20 Guaranteed
  • Internet Shopping Carts :
    Customized Shopping carts
  • Merchant Services :
    Online Credit Card Processing Gateway Setup
    2Checkout, Paypal, IBill, stormpay, Worldpay, Authorize.Net, youdesignit, USAePay, Metacharge. Third Party CC Processing Integration
  • Other Specialties :
    » Data Import/Export for Excel, Access and SQL databases
    » Dynamic Document Management
    » Dynamic Spread Sheet Creation
    » Dynamic Word Document Creation
    » Dynamic PDF Generation
    » Apache mod_rewrite
    » Google Web APIs
    » XML RSS
    » Online Signboard, tire cover and charts Using GD
    » Smarty Templates