10 Easy steps to increase domain authority

Increase domain authority
Domain authority
Domain authority

Domain authority (DA) is a ranking score developed by MOZ from 1 to 100 where one (1) is the worst and 100 is the best. DA between 40 – 50 is average, DA between 50 – 60 is excellent, and over 60 is fantastic. 40 different factors calculate domain authority, few of them are domain root, number of total links, MOZ trust, MOZ rank, spam score, social signals, site bounce rate, quality content and so on. High domain authority will give you more traffic which means more followers and more business opportunities.
Benifits of good domain authority

Business growth
Business growth

• Good rank in Google search engine

• Increased trust
• More traffic
• More comments, shares and feedbacks
• High DA will gain Google’s confidence
• Advertisers pay you for advertising on your sites
• More traffic and business leads

Some tips to quickly increase your domain authority

As described above about what is domain authority and why it is so vital for your business, website or blog and now we will see how to implement these tips to our website to gain good DA.

1. Choose a relevant domain name

Keyword - domain authority
Keyword – domain authority

While choosing your domain name make sure that the name you are wanting is relevant to your business. For example, you are planning to start a website about selling xyz item so you can choose xyz.com, buyxyz.com or something related to your business, there should be a keyword in your domain this may also help you in SEO. Even think about your visitors so choose an easy to remember domain name so that your users/traffic can remember your domain easily.

2. On page optimization

on page seo - domain authority
on page seo – domain authority

Keeping in mind the end goal to get top space expert and great positioning in Google web index you have to concentrate on improving your on-page first. The following are few hints to keep up a decent on page optimization.
• Do keyword research before applying keywords
• See competition of the keyword you are going to use (use medium competition keyword)
• Use quality content
• Don’t do keyword stuffing
• Use keyword in meta description, title tag, permalink, alt tags

3. Get high quality backlink

With a specific end goal to get high space specialist you have to satisfy every one of the variables which MOZ uses to compute domain authority, Number of backlinks is one of those components to be satisfied. Consider “Earning backlinks” instead of “Building backlinks”. To gain an amazing backlink, you have to post quality content, so the other blog creators wish to interface with your website. Your content must be relevant to your brand and your clients/movement, enlightening, straightforward and elegantly composed.

4. Be regular

Regular posting - Domain Authority
Regular posting – Domain Authority

To be standard in blogging, you have to compose quality content on time and post them in your blog which is the hardest piece of expert blogging.
If you manage to do the same and keep posting your articles at uniform intervals of time, then Google crawlers will crawl your site speedier, and your site will increase some more domain authority inside a couple of months.

5. Internal linking between posts/pages

Internal linking connects your content to the same domain and give Google an idea about the structure of your website. Wikipedia is the best example of inner linking pages.
Benefits of internal linking :-
• It helps to rank your page along with the linked pages too
• It allows Google to index your website from depth
• It helps in gaining website domain authority
• It reduces bounce rate
• Helps improving ranking of specific keywords

6. Social media sharing/Promotion

Social sharing - Domain Authority
Social sharing – Domain Authority

Social signs are one of the positioning elements MOZ uses to decide domain authority; you should promote your content via web-based networking media destinations with a specific end goal to satisfy those variables you should share your content on social locales.
Post your content’s link to your different online networking locales and keep in mind to urge your supporters to like and share the link you shared.
On the off chance that you compose incredible content at that point individuals will share them for beyond any doubt so remember this that written work quality content is essential.
• Use attractive headline
• Use catchy and informative images
• Use social buttons in your website
• Format your content for better understanding

7. Reduce website’s bounce rate

Bounce rate - Domain Authority
Bounce rate – Domain Authority

Bounce rate is the estimate of visitors to a website who visit the site and immediately close the website without reading the content or spending time on the page.
The more bounce rate your website will get, the less user engagement your site will generate which means no leads or fewer leads for your business.
You can check the status of traffic, user engagement and bounce rate data from Google Analytics tool.
Here are some tips to reduce bounce rate:-
• Increase content’s readability
• Don’t add annoying popups in your page
• Make sure your call to action is related to the requirement of your user
• Provide quality content
• Make your page look sober and straightforward
• Make sure the page is easy to operate by the user

8. Loading speed of page

Website speed - Domain Authority
Website speed – Domain Authority

Slow loading sites can get a high increased bounce rate which may lead to reduced domain authority. Most of the user who opens web page don’t have patience, and if your site is taking too long to respond, then they will end up by closing your page and will never revisit your site. You can test your website’s speed by the page speed testing tool by Google; this device will analyse and give you some tips to make your website’s speed even better.

9. Make website mobile friendly

At exhibit time a vast number of clients are utilising cell phones as opposed to PC or portable workstation to seek and investigate the web. On the off chance that your site isn’t compact well disposed then the client will confront issues in opening the page in his/her mobile or tablet gadget and may close your site page right away which may prompt expanded bounce rate and diminished activity which implies fewer business opportunities.

10. Remove bad backlinks

Low quality and spam backlinks are also known as bad backlinks which can cause many problems to a website from SEO point of view. It may lead to decreased traffic, decreased domain authority, increased spam score etc. You can check and remove bad backlinks from Google webmaster tools.

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