Client/Server Application

eXpertWeb provides a full range of client/server consulting. We help our clients formulate client/server strategies across multiple platforms, and help them select the model that is most appropriate for them. We also plan and design the infrastructure that supports their specific needs.
eXpertWeb is well-versed in the iterative prototyping development approach. We work with clients to identify the deliverables for the successful completion of the project, helping them adapt their existing methods to suit their new environment.

We offer the following solutions:
» Client/Server Strategy Development
We help companies define the steps they must take to migrate successfully to client/server technology and also help clients design, develop, implement, and deploy Client/Server Architecture, Windows applications, and groupware applications across the following models:
  • Distributed presentation
  • Remote presentation
  • Remote data management
  • Distributed database
eXpertWeb conducts full infrastructure planning for networks and intranets, providing database integration, and ensures that security measures are fully planned and executed and also provides object-oriented concepts mentoring, object modeling techniques, and other services that help the client adopt a fully object-oriented design. We can deliver “turn-key” applications solutions by assuming full project development responsibility.
» Windows-Based Client/Server Applications Development
eXpertWeb assists clients in choosing from among several models in designing Windows- and Windows NT-based client/server applications. These models give our clients a variety of options for development along a “thin client”-“fat client” continuum. We design, develop, and implement applications that provide two- and three-tier solutions. Our range of services includes object-oriented development and design and the implementation of middleware and major RDBMSs.
» Internet and Intranet Client/Server Applications Development
eXpertWeb assists clients in choosing from among several models in designing Internet/intranet (I-Net)-based client/server applications. Critical to all of these models are strategies to overcome the stateless nature of Browser technology and the inherent security concerns of the Internet. We design, develop, and implement leading I-Net applications such as Java and VB Script, ActiveX, Internet Tools, and Front Page for our clients. We provide full infrastructure planning for our clients’ intranets, including browser deployment, data integration, and security and firewall implementation.