About Us

The eXpertWeb India (CodingExpert) is leading provider of IT solutions. We provide innovative and cost-effective solutions that streamline operations increase productivity, and result in rapid growth and high returns on investment.

From custom application development and supplemental staffing to outsourcing, eXpertWeb allows clients to manage their IT and their businesses processes better. With eXpertWeb, clients can stay focused and have their IT needs fulfilled in the most non-invasive and cost-effective manner.

eXpertWeb offers IT solutions across a number of industry vertical markets such as healthcare, finance, manufacturing and telecommunications. Some of the solutions include: Customized Software Development, Enterprise Consulting, Off-the-Shelf Products and Staff Augmentation.

eXpertWeb’s management team is a group of talented individuals with over 4 years of IT experience. The team has been credited with the building of successful IT companies such as Genetrix Softwares, one of the earliest B2B Service Provider.

The management inspires the rest of the company to create innovative solutions, deliver high quality result and foster strong client relationships.